Admissions 20-21!

Information regarding admissions to the 2020-21 year now available at our centres! Email us at to set up an appointment. Click here for Admission related information

Admissions into the 2019-20 (Ongoing) academic year

Playgroup beginning January 2020

We are currently taking admissions into our Playgroup batch of January 2020 at our Ram-Indu Park and Model Colony centres. Children admitted to this batch will transition to Nursery in April 2020. 

Admission Criterion: Children born before September 30th 2017.

Ram-Indu Park: Please click here to apply. 
Model Colony: Please click here to apply. 

All other classes

We may also take new admissions in vacancies created by children who may leave mid-year. In order to apply, please visit and carefully select the centre and class into which you wish to apply.

Admissions into the 2020-21 (next) Academic year

We would love to meet with you in person to show you around our school environments.

Kindly email us on or call us on 9607996800 for more information.